Wedding Venue

One of your most important decisions for planning your wedding day is to choose the right wedding venue. You need to consider your available budget, location, amenities, your expected guests count. Many couples are not experienced with event budgeting. In your early planning stage, try talk to your friends who had experience planning their own weddings. Before you make any major decisions or sign any contract, take a serious look at your total budget and make sure it can cover all your anticipated expenses. 

Other things you should consider are:

what theme do you want for your wedding day?  

do you want indoors? outdoors?

does the venue allow you to hire your own vendors (photographer, DJ, catering)?

If your wedding day is scheduled for winter season, the weather can be pretty chilling, and it will get dark quickly after 4pm, so plan your wedding day accordingly. 

Have open mind to search for other lesser known venues. Those popular event sites tend to have more costly rental fee and other service fees and are less flexible to accomodate your special requests. Also, these sites are more likely booked quickly, especially those months between April and October. 

When you finally commit to a venue, you should try to get a signed contract or at least a confirmation letter.  Even after you’ve placed your deposit to secure your date, contact the coordinator every other month to confirm your reservation. 

You can find out more details from this link : wedding venues by state

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