Wedding Day Timeline

I always advised my clients that how important it is to have well-planned wedding day timeline. When you plan your timeline, there are many things you need to consider:

1) You need to know how much time you need for bridal getting ready. Are you going to get ready at the venue? at a hotel suite or your home? make sure you need to add your commute time to your timeline. 

2) Makeup and hair styling can take at least 2 hours, depends on how big is your bridal party. 

3) You need time for photo shoot with your bridemaids before you put your wedding gown on. 

4) Do you want to do “first look”? bridal group photo before the ceremony? 5) How about couple portraits? 

6) How long is your wedding ceremony?

7) At the reception, are you going to first dance, parent dances? toasts?

8) are you going to have cake cutting? bouquet toss? 

Every wedding is different. You can start planning your timeline based on your wedding ceremony start time. Find out how much time you need for each session for your wedding day. If your ceremony going to start at 5pm, then your prep time should start at around 9:30am or 10am. Don’t underestimate how much time you need. Starting your wedding day early is highly recommended. 

When you finalize your timeline, you should pass it around to all your vendors, so that everyone understand where and when they are supposed to be at. You should send out the finalized timeline few days before your wedding day. 

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